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Crafton Celebrates ~ Every 4th

Positions to be Filled
     The below Positions have been identified as necessary for the "Health & Well Being" of Crafton Celebrates.  We will modify them as we work our way towards the Fourth.
     Yes, we have folks who have already voiced their willingness to volunteer for some of them.  But, for the sake of discussion, these and the positions of Chairman, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, are essentially OPEN for volunteers, until a name is published.  As we receive confirmation of Volunteers, we will note them online.

    Currently, Jim Christman is filling the role of Chairman, Rich Wolfe has volunteered as Treasurer and the Secretary is yet to be named.

     If you see a challenge that interests you, below, be sure to either attend the February 13th meeting to volunteer, or contact Jim Christman at
jchris9518@comcast.net  We'll be keeping track of Volunteers and their contact info, right here.  Simple, eh?

     Be aware, the below list will continue evolve, as people volunteer and some jobs are either combined or expanded and new Positions are identified.  Our goal is to be both flexible and transparent as we resurrect Celebrates and to allow the process to evolve as we go.  Nothing is carved in stone...

* Chairman ~ Jim Christman, temp.

* Co-Chair (Not currently filled)

* Treasurer ~ Rich Wolfe

* Secretary (Not currently filled)
* Alpha/Omega Managers ~ Rich Kraemer & Regis Patton
     1) Responsible for setup & breakdown of Food, Game, Ticket and Refreshment Booths
* Electrical Services Manager ~ Regis Patton
     1) Contract and Coordinate with Electrical Contractor
     2) Be available during operating hours
* Security & Sanitation Managers ~ Jim Christman & Regis Patton
     1) Contract and Coordinate Security and Cleanup
     2) Contract and Coordinate portable Sanitation Facilities
* Business / Resident Solicitor ~ Rich Wolfe
     1) Contact Businesses and Residents
     2) Coordinate and Facilitate Donations
* Booth Managers
     * Ticket Booth Managers ~ Susan Viola & Sonia Rogers
          1) Schedule Ticket Booth Volunteers
          2) Coordinate Security and Houskeeping of Celebrates
     * Celebrates Food Booth Manager (Not currently filled)
          1) Schedule Celebrates Food Booth Volunteers
          2) Order Product (traditionally Roast Beef and French Fries)
     * Celebrates Refreshment Managers ~ Rich Kraemer & Rich Wolfe
          1) Schedule Celebrates Refreshment Booth Volunteers
          2) Order Product (Soda and other bottled drinks)
     * Crafts Booths Managers ~ Diane Kratt & Sonia Rogers
          1) Contact and Contract Vendors
          2) Define and control Vendor Spaces & Conduct
     * Vendors Booths Manager ~ Linda Breeden
          1) Contact person for Organizational Food and Game Booths
          2) Contracts Organizational Food & Game Booths
          3) Organizations alone are responsible for their Volunteers
* Entertainment Manager ~ John Billigen
     1) Contract and Schedule Entertainment
     2) Contract Entertainment Lighting & Sound
* Fireworks Managers ~ Jim Christman & Regis Patton
     1) Contract and coordinate Fireworks Display
     2) Coordinate Setup, Breakdown and Safety of Fireworks
* Parade Managers ~ Bob Trievel & Bill Cain
     1) Contact and Contract participants
     2) Coordinate Parade and associated Security
* Program Manager ~ Mary Trembley
     1) Create Celebrates Printed Program
     2) Coordinate Publishing
     3) Coordinate Distribution
* Public Relations Manager ~ Mary Luxbacher
     1) Create Public Relations Program
     2) Coordinate Public Relations Efforts
* Features Managers
    (Coordinate the following Features, as per Celebrates policies)
     1) 5k Run ~ John Billigen
     2) Bingo ~ Mary Luxbacher for Library
     3) Bowling Tournement ~ Pam Palchowski
     4) Car Cruise ~ John Billigen
     5) Caricaturist (Not currently filled)
     6) Face Painting ~ Pam Palchowski
     7) Ferris Wheel ~ Pam Palchowski
     8) Fire Department Water Battle ~ Mike Crown
     9) Inflatable Features ~ Pam Palchowski
   10) Petting Zoo for Children ~ Pam Palchowski
   11) Water Polo Clinic & Competition ~ Mark Rauterkus

30 Years of Crafton Celebrates

     "You meet the nicest people in Crafton Park." We'd like to take a few moments to recall the history of the organization, what is meant to the community, and what's in store for the Festival's Next Edition.

     In 1975, Council created the Crafton Bicentennial Committee to plan local festivities for the biggest patriotic holiday of the century, our country's 200th birthday. All over the United States, many communities were having similar celebrations. In the first event staged by what we now call "Crafton Celebrates", (or more simply, "Celebrates") the Committee, chaired by Councilwoman Elsie Merriman, threw a big bash in Crafton Park. The festival was a huge undertaking, requiring the efforts and skills of many Borough residents. The (then) eight-day, Sunday-to-Sunday party in the Park, overflowed to the Athletic Field. The official program from that year declared Crafton "A Bicentennial Community."

     That original festival featured not only the food booths and stage shows that are now tradition at Celebrates, but for the first time in many years, a horse show was held within the Borough. The parade that first year lasted more than three hours on an extremely warm day. Bands, fire trucks, antique cars, horses, buggies and of course, local politicians all participated. The parade route stretched from the top of Bradford Avenue, up Noble Avenue, left on Steuben Street and ended at the Park.

     The Bicentennial Committee also sponsored a 5K Run, a tennis tournament, and commissioned a mural project for the underpass. Those murals were a long lasting reminder of the Bicentennial Spirit until covered during the Busway construction.

     The original Bicentennial Committee was such a success that everyone decided, "Let's do it again!" That second year was a milestone; the Celebrates Committee received it's go-ahead from the Borough, but more importantly generated a wave of enthusiasm and momentum which convinced all involved that the Celebration could be sustained as an annual event. It was a 30-year success that took a break in 2006.

     During the early years, Celebrates rented festival booths from St. James in the West End. It wasn't until 1982 that the Committee allotted funds to invest in new booth construction, adding a permanency to the festival. Live entertainment has always drawn large crowds for Celebrates, with Harold Betters, U.S. Steel Homestead Choir, Tamburitzans, and The Imports being among the favorites over the years.

     Celebrates also serves the community at other times of the year. The Halloween Parade evolved into a Haunted House. For several years, a popular winter gathering was the Christmas Tree Bonfire. Everyone circled the flaming trees, singing Christmas carols and drinking hot chocolate from the Salvation Army truck. Every spring, a visit from the Easter Bunny is part of the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Celebrates has sponsored this popular event for over 20 years.

     Since the beginning, literally thousands have participated in one way or another, making Celebrates an annual five-day reunion in the Borough. Crafton Celebrates thanks all those who have marched in the parade, worked in a booth, or shown the world their talents on stage. The Committee sincerely thanks the Crafton Police, Council, Fire Department and Borough Crews for playing vital roles in making Celebrates a special time of year in Crafton. Without these folks, Celebrates could not exist.

     Sadly, there was no Celebrates in 2006. As with all things that depend on cooperation and community involvement, there is an achille's heel.  In Celebrate's case it was the petty ego of a single individual who placed their own personal agenda above the much wider goals of the community.  Rather than cause needless expense to the community, from a threatened lawsuit, Celebrates unanimously declared a moratorium.  The situation looked grim.

     Through the efforts of many of you, the Fireworks were salvaged for 2006 and Celebrates will soon be Resurrected for 2007 and beyond!  We thank you ALL for your past and future contributions.


Crafton Celebrates ~ Moving Forward
     Due to the reorganization of the Committee, Crafton Celebrates (as a three-decade old organization) was unable to sponsor the Parade, Five-Day Park Celebration and 4th of July Fireworks in 2006.
     With a round of donations that began here, and with our online eGroup mailing list, Crafton continued the tradition of providing our community with a most Spectacular Fireworks Display on the 4th of July, 2006.
     Your contributions and support were, and will be, most appreciated.  Yet, we have just begun.  The Fireworks were salvaged.  Now it is time to re-invent, and re-invigorate, Crafton Celebrates.  So we once again ask for your help; via Volunteers and Donations.
     Volunteers can email Councilperson Jim Christman with their Contact Info and what they'd like to volunteer for.
     Donations should be made payable to Crafton Borough - Crafton Celebrates, and be sent to:

                                            Crafton Borough
                                            100 Stotz Ave
                                            Crafton, PA 15205
                                            ATTN: Celebrates Committee - 2007
     Crafton Celebrates is open to anyone interested in helping bring this community-oriented event back to the borough. Meetings are slated for the second Tuesday, of each month, at 7 p.m., in the Community Room, above the Library.
Donations and Volunteers graciously accepted....
(click above link to volunteer)
Thank you!!!!

Both chairs (below) were won by Jim Howard, '50, with a $150 bid,   
at our 7th annual All-Years Reunion Banquet.

Here's a list of those who contributed for 2006.

Individual Contributors:

Ruth Lynch McFarland, '40 (Auburn, Alabama)
Ann McGinn Huddart, '45 (Spring Hill, Florida)
William & Josephine Ogden, '49 (Crafton) (William passed on 6/26/2006) 
Jim Howard, '50 (Grasonville, Maryland)<Won 1st Ward Chairs @ $150>
Leonard & Alice Buck, '55 (Crafton)
Judy Davis Keushner, '55 (Crafton)
Charles Glassmire, '58 (Ingram)
John Shoup, '58 (Wrms, Germany)
Michael & Anne Louise Tanney Dailey, '61 (Crafton)
Judith Alexander Monaco, '64 (Bethel Park)
Jerry and Lucy Munro Bittner, '65 (Crafton)
Martha Schmelz Jones, '65 (Tuscon, Arizona)
Greg ('65) and Paulette Keeley Neal, '66 (Crafton)
Mark & Susan Neely Stephens, '65 (Lakeland, Florida)
Michael & Marylin Marchinsky Conners, '66 (Beaufort, South Carolina)
Eddie Grimes, '67 (Green Tree)
Jacqueline Dempsey, '68 (Crafton)
Michael & Michelle Rutledge, '71 (Chittenango, New York)
Gary & Janet Malloy Paine, '72 (New Albany, Ohio)
Jeffrey & Mary Tremblay, Langley, '74 (Crafton)
Bob Morrison, '75 (Shreveport, Louisiana) <Donated 1st Ward Chairs>
Ken ('77) and Sandy McDonald Caine, '79 (Crafton)
William & Debra Ogden, '79 (Crafton)
Eric & Karen Roth, '79 (Columbia, South Carolina)
Charlotte Angros (Crafton)
Martin Bertocchi (Crafton)
Wanda Brown (Crafton)
Marjorie Couch (Crafton)
Michele Gagliardi (Crafton)
Inez Gehring (Crafton)
Ray and Sandy Nemetz (Crafton)
Susan O'Connell (Crafton)
Donald Fincher (Crafton)
Mike Streily (Crafton)
Mike and Chris Yost (Crafton)
Business & Organization Contributors:

American Legion - Post 145
Boy Scout Troop 147 - Fathers
Costa, Leonard - Attorney at Law
Crafton Civic Club
Crafton Crocodile Swim Team
CraftonReunion ~ Florida Chapter
Crafton Tower
Crafton United Methodist Church
CVS Pharmacy
Dollar Bank
Duncan Land & Energy
Gateway Engineers
Giant Eagle @ Crafton - Ingram Shopping Center
Gifts N Goodies
Hutch Towing
Joyce, Dennis - Esq.
Marstrand Industries
(Tex, '61, & Tommy, '65, Marshall)
Parkvale Bank
Pentagon Printing
Porto Fino
Schepner-McDermott Funeral Home
Sharp Edge Creek House
Shaw's Beer Distributing
Sister's Floral
Source Architechnology Systems
St. Philip R.C. Church
UES Community Federal Credit Union
The V Machine

Elected Officials who donated stipends:

Boro Manager - Doug Sample
Council Member - Tom Byers, '79
Council Member - Jim Christman, '79
Council Member - William Ogden, '79
Council Member - Debbie Sappie
Mayor - Susan O'Connell

Thanks to all for your Fireworks Donations.

Future Donations will jump-start Celebrates ~ 2007.

We've done our best to recognize all Contributor's.

If we've missed anyone, please let us know.

This site and all contents are Copyrighted
 mm ~ mmxiI CraftonReunion™
All rights reserved.

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