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A few Web sites for searching the Internet

411 Locate Phone directory.
411.com Phone directory.
555-1212.com Phone directory.
A9Web search.
About.comExpert subject guides.
ABS Classification - Vessel Information Information about ships.
Accurint Record vendor.
AccuWeather Weather info.
Acronym Finder Decode acronyms and abbreviations.
Adherents.com Religion statistics.
AFU & Urban Legends Archive Urban legends debunked.
AgriSurf Agriculture search engine.
AIM DocFinder Find licensing and disciplinary history of doctors.
Aircraft Registration Inquiry. About registered aircraft.
Airsafe.com Airline safety information.
All the Web Search engine.
All-in-one People Search People finder.
Allwhois.com Internet domain name search.
AMA Physician Select Find doctors through the American Medical Association.
American Board of Medical Specialties Find if a doctor is certified.
American FactFinder Census data
American FactFinder Geography Search Search for Census information by place.
American Religion Data Archive Data on religion.
American University Campaign Finance Search for campaign finance information.
AmeriCom Area Decoder What city or state does an area code represent?
Ancestry Vital Record Search Find vital records.
Ancestry.com Social Security Death Index See if someone is listed as dead by the Social Security Administration.
Annual Report Gallery Corporate annual reports.
Annual Report Service Free online annual reports.
Answers.comOne-click word definitions and other answers.
Anybirthday.com Find dates of birth.
AnyWho Phone directory.
AreaDecoder Find area codes.
Argali White & Yellow Free phone directory software.
ArgMax.com Economics news, data and analysis.
Asia Pacific Whois Research Internet domains.
Ask a Librarian (Library of Congress) Reference librarians answer questions by phone, email or letter.
Ask JeevesWeb search.
AssignmentEditor.com Research resources for TV and print journalists.
Association of Health Care Journalists Health writer group.
Autocheck Vehicle histories.
AutoTrack Record vendor.
Bartleby Online classic books and reference.
BBB Information System How companies stand with the Better Business Bureau.
Biographical Dictionary Basic biographical info by name, keyword or date.
Biography.com Biographies from the A&E TV show.
Black Book Online Web sites of interest to private investigators.
Blackstone Docket Inquiry. Cases before the U.S. Tax Court.
blinkx Search for videos.
BlogPulse Search blogs.
Bloogz Blog search.
BoardReader.com Search message boards and forums.
Bookshelf on Computer-Assisted Reporting A list of readings on computer-assisted reporting.
BRB Publications Publisher of books on how to find public records. Keeps list of free public record sites.
Bureau of Economic Analysis Economic stats.
Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime statistics.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor and economic statistics.
Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator Search for federal prisoners, current and former.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics Transportation stats.
Campaign Finance Information Center IRE/NICAR campaign finance Web site.
Canada Lobbyists Registration System Find Canadian lobbyists.
CAR Skills Checklist What you need to know to do computer-assisted reporting.
CARFAX Vehicle history reports.
CARR-L Discussion list for computer-assisted reporting.
CataList Find discussion lists.
CCR-L Discussion group for cops and courts reporters.
CDC WONDER Public health data and reports.
CensusScope Investigate trends for states, metro areas and counties going back to 1980 or sometimes earlier.
Center for Responsive Politics Lobbyists Database Search for lobbyists.
CentraOps.net Domain Dossier Investigate domains and IP addresses.
CFIC-L An electronic mailing list for discussion of campaign finance reporting tools and techniques.
Charity Navigator Information for evaluating charities.
Checkdomain.com Internet domain search.
Choicepoint Record vendor.
Chronic Disease Prevention Databases Information on chronic diseases from the CDC.
CIA - The World Factbook Facts about countries.
Classmates Find former classmates.
Clusty Groups search results.
Coast Guard Coast Guard databases on boats.
Coast Guard Vessel Search Search for boats registered with the Coast Guard.
Code of Federal Regulations Federal Code of Regulations search.
Code of Federal Regulations Code of Federal Regulations at GPO Access
Code of Federal Regulations at Cornell Cornell's federal regulations site.
Columbia Journalism Review Magazine for journalists.
Commerce Business Daily Notices of proposed government procurement actions, contract awards, sales of government property, and other procurement information.
Congressional Hearings Browse catalogs on Congressional hearings.
Congressional Record Filter A tool to help you stay up-to-date with issues in the Congressional Record.
Contents of Today's Federal Register Today's federal rules, proposed rules and notices.
CopSeek Law enforcement search engine and directory.
Copyediting-L Discussion list for copyeditors.
Courts.Net Directory of courts.
CRISP A searchable database of federally funded biomedical research projects.
CyberJournalist Tools for journalists.
DataPlace Create maps and charts of states, counties and cities showing, by Census tract, the homeownership rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate, vacancy rate and the percent of housing units that are overcrowded.
Daypop Blog and news search.
Defense AlmanacOfficial military facts.
Dialog Information vendor.
Directory of open access journalsFree research journals.
Disaster Finder Links to disaster information.
DocInfo Disciplinary information on doctors.
DocuTicker Regular updates on new think tank, government and other reports.
DOJ on FOIA The DOJ's take on the FOIA.
Domain Names Internet domain search.
Drugs@FDA A database on drugs approved or tentatively approved by the Food and Drug Administration, with supporting documents.
EarthTrends Environmental information portal.
EconData.net Regional economic information.
Edgar Online Search for SEC documents.
Education Index Links to information on education.
Education Writers Association Professional group for education writers.
Educator's Desk Reference Resource guides, lesson plans, question archives and the ERIC database, the world's largest source of education information.
Elements of Style The classic guide to writing good English.
Encarta Microsoft's online encyclopedia.
Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopaedia.
Envirofacts One-stop source for environmental information.
EnviroMapper Environmental data and maps for anywhere in the U.S.
Environmental Data Registry Information about the definition, sources and uses of environmental data.
EWG Farm Subsidy Database A database of farmers receiving federal subsidies.
Excluded Parties List System Contractors banned by the federal government.
Expert Witness Directory Find experts.
Experts.com Find experts.
Extra! Extra! Guide to the latest investigative work
FACSNET Internet resources for journalists.
FACSNET Sources Expert sources.
Facster Makes it easier to get information from the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
Fagan Finder All-in-one page of Internet tools.
FEC Data Download complete FEC campaign finance files.
Federal Aviation Administration Regulates aviation.
Federal Election Commission Regulates federal elections.
Federal Elections Project Data on federal elections.
Federal Excluded Parties List System Contractors banned from doing work for the federal government.
Federal Lobbyist Online Registration Federal lobbyist registrations.
Federal Register Rules, proposes rules and federal government notices.
Federal Trade Commission Companies registered with the Federal Trade Commission.
Fedstats Federal statistics portal.
Fedworld Government information and resources.
Findlaw Legal search engine and directory.
Findlaw Lawyer Directory Find lawyers by name, city, state or practice area.
FindLaw Reverse Lookup Reverse directory.
First Amendment Center About protecting free speech.
FirstGov Official federal government portal.
FirstGov Directories Federal government telephone and email directories.
FlatRateInfo.com Record vendor.
FOI Letter Generator Generate a Freedom of Information Act request.
FOI-LDiscussion list on freedom of information.
Fone Finder Telephone search engine.
Free Pint Network of information researchers.
Freeality Search engine portal.
Fuld Internet Intelligence Index A business intelligence company's guide to the best Web sites.
Geographic Names Information System Query geographic names.
getCITEDAcademic research.
GILS Index Find federal databases.
Glossarist Directory of glossaries.
Google AlertsTrack topics of interest.
Google GroupsSearch Web forums on any subject.
Google MapsFind places.
Google Scholar Search for academic papers.
Google Video Search Search for video, not text.
GOV-L Discussion group for government reporters.
GovEngine.com Directory of federal, state and local government Web sites.
Government Information Locator Service Find federal information resources, especially computer databases.
GovTrack Makes it easier to follow the federal government.
GPO Access Disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government.
GPO Access Databases Federal government databases.
GuestFinder.comPeople to interview.
Guidestar Get non-profit tax filings.
HazardMapsMap floods and other hazards.
HazDat Database Information on dangerous substances.
HeadlineSpot.comSources for news.
healthfinder Federal government guide to health information.
Heritage Foundation CARR A foundation promotes computer-assisted reporting.
HGExperts.com Expert directory.
Hieros Gamos Legal news and information on the law.
Hoaxbusters Debunks Internet hoaxes.
HomeTownLocator Demographic and other information about U.S. places.
HomeTownLocator Distance Enter two zip codes or two places and find the distance between them.
Hoover's OnlineInformation on businesses.
Household Products Database Health and safety information about products.
HowStuffWorks Explanations of "explains hundreds of subjects, from car engines to lock-picking to ESP."
HUD Enterprise Geographic Information System Find information about housing and the environment for any neighborhood.
ICQ People Search Search for people who use chat rooms.
Inflation CalculatorAccount for inflation.
Infobel Internation phonebook.
Information Please Reference site.
Infospace Reverse Lookup Reverse phone lookup.
Integrity Science Database Database on financial ties of researchers.
International Telephone Directories Find anyone anywhere in the world.
Internet 800 Directory Directory of free toll free, 800, 888, 877, and 866 listings of businesses by company, number and type of industry.
Internet ArchiveFind old Web sites.
Internet ExpertsLinks to expert sites.
Internet Public Library Internet information resources.
Internet Scout ProjectFinds and summarizes high-quality Web sites.
Investigator's Guide to Sources of Information GAO handbook.
IPUMS Detailed Census records.
IRBsearch, LLC Record vendor.
IRE Organization for investigative reporters.
IRE FOI Center On freedom of information.
IRE-L Discussion list for investigative reporting.
IRS Charities and Non-Profits Search for charities and non-profits.
IRS charity search Find charities.
IRS Political Organization Filings Some political organizations must file with the IRS.
iTools "Search, research, reference, look up or translate just about anything in one place."
IxquickInternet metasearch.
Journalism.orgResources for improving journalism.
JournalismNet Internet research guide for journalists.
Journalist Express Research portal for journalists.
Journalist's Guide to the Internet Guide to Internet resources for journalists.
Journalist's Toolkit "Essential resources for the working journalist."
JURIST Legal research and education resources.
KnowX Record vendor.
Landings Aviation databases on pilots, regulations, planes and more.
Langenberg Area Code Reverse Directory Enter area code and get cities, states, zip codes, time zones it covers.
Langenberg Search People finders.
Law.com Law Dictionary Legal terms.
LexisNexis Record vendor.
Librarian's Index to the Internet Internet resources gathered by librarians.
Library of Congress World's largest library.
LibrarySpot.com Library and reference resources.
LLRX.com All about Internet research, technology and the law.
LocatePLUS Record vendor.
LookSmartWeb directory and search.
LycosWeb search.
Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) Database Boat manufacturers.
Map24.com Online maps.
MapBlast Maps and driving directions.
MapQuest Maps and driving directions.
Maps On Us Maps and driving directions.
Marion Brechner Citizen Access Project Lots of freedom of information resources from the University of Florida's journalism school.
Marriage Records Database Guide to finding marriage records on the Internet.
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator Find lawyers by name, city, firm or law school.
medi lexicon Medical and healthcare abbreviations.
MediaResource Helps journalists find experts on science and technology.
Medline Plus Search medical journals.
MelissaData Online Lookups Free Online Lookups for ZIP Codes, address, nonprofits, area codes and more
Melissadata.com ZIP, address, area code and other free lookups.
Merck Manual Medical manuals.
Merlin Information Services Record vendor.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Dictionary.
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Thesaurus
Military Buddy Finder Search soldier database.
Military Postal Service Agency Military post office.
Mobile & Cellular Phone Number Directory Cell phone directory.
Mr. Sapo Search multiple search engines quickly.
MSN searchWeb search.
Municipal Code Corporation Look up municipal codes.
Namebase Investigative database.
National Archives: Access to Archival Databases Information on databases maintained by the federal government.
National Association of Science WritersProfessional group for science writers.
National Association of Secretaries of State Secretaries of State organization.
National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center Aviation safety data.
National Center for Charitable Statistics National Center for Charitable Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics The federal agency that collects and analyzes education data.
National Center for Health Statistics One of the most important repositories of health data.
National Climatic Data CenterArchive of weather data.
National Contact Center Federal telephone directories.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Justice and substance abuse information.
National Futures Association Futures brokers background checks.
National Personnel Records Center Request military records from the National Archives.
National Press Club Washington D.C. journalist organization.
National Sex Offender Registry Find sex offenders.
National Transportation Library Information on transportation.
NCAA Research Reports Research reports on the NCAA and athletics.
NetLingo Internet dictionary.
NETRonline County Finder Search for counties or latitudue/longitude by city, state or zip code.
NETRonline Real Estate Records Directory of online real estate records.
Network Solutions WHOIS Research Internet domains.
NewsDesigner.com Blog for news designers.
NICAR Computer-assisted reporting organization.
NICAR-L National Institute of Computer Assisted Reporting discussion list.
NTSB Aviation Accident Database "Information from 1962 and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters."
Office of Management and Budget Get the U.S. budget.
OneLook Dictionary Search Dictionary search engine.
Onelook Reverse Dictionary Reverse dictionary.
Online Conversion Convert anything to anything else.
Opensecrets Lobbyist Database Find lobbyists.
Opensecrets.org Campaign finance information.
OS-CAR Promotes the use of open-source software in computer-assisted reporting.
OSHA OSHA inspection databases.
OSHA Accident Investigations Search Records on OSHA accident investigations.
OSHA Establishment Search Search for OSHA inspections by company name.
OSHA Inspections Within Industry Search for OSHA inspections by industry.
Oxford English Dictionary Classic dictionary.
PACER U.S. Party/Case Index Nationwide search of federal courts.
Phonebook of the World International phone directory.
Phonenumber.com Phone directory.
Plane Crash Info.comInformation on plane crashes.
Police-Scanner.info Links to local scanners and information about the hardware.
Political Money Line Campaign finance information.
PollingReport.com Summaries of the latest national polls.
Power Reporting Computer resources for journalists.
Poynter OnlineJournalism training.
Poynter Web Tips Useful Web sites for journalists.
PR Newswire PR information service.
Pretrieve Find free online records about a person, business or address.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse A privacy advocacy organization.
Project Vote SmartInformation on politicians.
Public Agenda Online Information on public opinion and public policy issues.
PublicRecordFinder.com Public record portal.
PublicRecordSources.com Find public record vendors.
PubMed Medical journal search.
Quality Check Check quality ratings of health care organizations.
Radio-LocatorRadio station search engine.
Recalls.govRecall information from federal agencies.
Regret The Error Highlights media corrections.
Regulations.gov Portal for federal regulations.
Religion Newswriters AssociationProfessional group for writers on religion.
Reporter's Desktop Useful Web stuff for journalists.
ResearchBuzz! Web resources.
ResourceShelf Web resources.
Reverse Phone Directory Reverse phone directory.
Reverse Phone Lookups Reverse phone lookups.
RIPE Whois Research Internet domains, including free-text search.
Romenesko Media industry news and commentary.
Rootsweb Social Security Death Index Free search to find if someone is living or dead.
RootsWeb Town Search Enter a town name and get the county and state.
RxList Drug information.
Safer and Fitness Electronic Records Systems Check trucker safety records.
SamSpade.org Trace email and Web sites.
Science.gov Science portal.
ScirusScience search.
SciSeek Science and nature search engine.
Scout Report Signpost A guide to Web sites for researchers.
Search Engine Math Techniques for getting better results from search engines.
Search Systems Guide to online public records.
SEC Edgar SEC filings.
SEC Filings and Forms Explanations of SEC documents.
SECInfo SEC documents.
Securities and Exchange Commission Regulates the stock market and public companies.
Security On Campus, Inc.College crime stats.
Selective Service verification See if somone registered with the Selective Service.
Shopping.com Compare products and prices.
Smartpages.com Phone directory.
Social Security Number decoder Enter a Social Security Number and learn in which state it was issued.
Society of Environmental Journalists Society of Environmental Journalists
Society of Professional Journalists Journalist association.
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics Data on criminal justice.
SportsDesigner.com Blog for sports designers.
SportsJournalists.com Sports journalism discussion.
Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse Case Index of companies facing Federal Securities Class Actions.
Stat-USA Business, trade and economic information.
State Open Records Law Request Letter Generator The Student Press Law Center helps you draft a state open record request.
Statistical Abstract of the United States One-stop guide to U.S. statistics.
Superpages.com Phone directory.
Switchboard Phone directory.
Switchboard Search by Distance Switchboard Search by Distance
Tapping Officials' Secrets State open record and meeting laws.
Technorati Blog search engine.
TerraServer.com Satellite images of the world.
Terrorism Knowledge Database Information about terrorist groups and incidents.
Testy Copy Editors Copy editor discussion group.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis Local economic data.
The New Precision Journalism Professor Philip Meyer's class book on computer-assisted reporting.
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the PressLegal help for journalists.
The Scannery A search engine that specializes in searching the Web sites of companies around the world.
The Scoop Derek Willis' weblog on investigative and computer-assisted reporting.
Thomas Information on the U.S. Congress from the Library of Congress.
ThomasNet Industrial directory.
Tile.net Search for listservs.
Topix.net A news portal.
TOXMAP Environmental maps of anywhere in U.S.
TRAC Databases on federal law enforcement.
Tracers Information Specialists, Inc. Record vendor
TurboScout. Search many search engines at once.
U. S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Veterans with disputes over benefits.
U.S. Blue Pages Government phone directory.
U.S. City Directories Helps find local city directories to background people.
U.S. City Directories on Microfilm Find old city directories at the Library of Congress.
U.S. Congressional Bibliographies About official Congressional publications.
U.S. Copyright Office Search for copyright holders.
U.S. General Accounting Office Investigative arm of Congress.
U.S. Government Contract Awards Government contractor search.
U.S. Government Manual Comprehensive reference on federal government.
U.S. Navy Ships Mailing Addresses Find sailors on ships.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Search U.S. patents.
U.S. Patents Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases.
U.S. Vital Records Information Information on where to find public records.
Ultimate White Pages Search multiple phonebooks.
Urban Legends Reference Pages Debunks "urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation."
URLinfo Tools to research Web sites.
USPS ZIP Codes Find ZIP codes.
USUS Internet guide for journalists.
Vessel Documentation Query by ID Find boats by number.
Vinelink Find prisoners, jail inmates and sex offenders by state.
VisualEditors Designer discussion.
Vital Learning Resources Center A search engine for selected information and reference sites.
VitalChek Portal for ordering vital records.
Vivisimo Search engine that uses "document clustering" to display results.
Webopedia Computer and internet dictionary.
Where to Write for Vital Records Government site to help you find vital records.
Whitepages.com Phone directory.
Whois.net Information on Internet domains.
WhoWhere People search.
Wikipedia A user-created encyclopedia.
WorldTime Get the world time.
WorstPills.org Prescription drug information.
Yahoo Columbia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia.
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions Enter an address, get a map.
Yahoo! People Search People search.
Yellow Pages and White Pages - InfoSpace Yellow and white pages.
yourDictionary.com Word reference.

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